We create concepts, Graphics and animation for slot games

More than 10 years of experience.
Full development cycle, from idea to promo video.
Working with us, you can be sure of high quality graphics.
We have solid experience in 3D graphics, however it is not our main service for now.
All rights reserved by the Customer. Please do not contact us wishing to buy somebody else's design.
Full cycle of slots art creation
Slot game is not just a set of pictures on given subject, but a fully realised world designed in simple form. You spin the drum and start magic adventures! Since slot game world is not so various in elements and characters, each detail counts. And with that each element is the part of whole game.

To start with, you form your idea of the game. Then you make decision about rules of the game and technical specifications. You determine where the game should be installed – into social media or mobile application. You choose dimensions, Photoshop color settings. May be, you have already developed your marketing strategy. What is the target market, audience of the game? Who is your target game player? What set of themes is preferable? Will it be just another Egypt adventure or game about gangsters?
We start or work from analogues observation. We specify weak points of competitive games. We determine possible advantages to be focused on. Then we create a legend. Whom about should the game be? Into what world will the game player dive? How do the competitors communicate? What will the symbols be? How will the main features be played? We specify the style, choose references, sometimes we do fake shot. We specify unique features of the game at this stage of developing.
You should pay great attention to the naming of product. The name of slot games are technical as usual. It should rather describe the game and to be unique at the same time. The game must be easily found in searching systems.
Slots Art Creation
We start it from making a sketch. Then we confirm it with you. After that we make the game art look perfect..
We use Aftereffect. There will be sequence in final. Since recently we are actively studying Spine2D
We optimise graphic design. We prepare it to send to programmers. We make necessary documents.
Perfect project completion is making promo video where amazing legend and attractive rules are shown.
Authorship supervision
Next stage is when the programmer gathers the game. We make detailed feedbacks for software build until it matches source graphic materials. Sometimes it can require necessary graphics or some artifact appears. We will fix it.
There may occur some technical debts after release. On the other hand, it may happen some force majeure. For example, your designer will delete our graphic materials. We guarantee our full support in any cases.
Excellent quality, high cost, elaboration of design
These conditions are comfortable for us, but we take into account your needs as well. We will discuss principles of our cooperation and ways of making decisions beforehand.

- It depends on whether your business is a young, developing company and you need smaller cost and short terms.

-Or your business is large and stable with high quality of work as a priority.
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